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Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show & Crab Feed

Due to complications from the Covid making the Crab Feed too risky, both healthwise and monetarily, there will once again be no Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Festival & Crab Feed this year. Instead, the Port of Toledo and the Coots will be hosting a gathering for Depoe Bay Boat Boat Show exhibitors on the waterfront in Toledo. The affair will not be a replacement for the Depoe Bay show; it's intent is to try to keep up some momentum and enthusiasm for the Wooden Boat Show & Crab Feed, and give everyone an opportunity to reconnect with fellow boat nuts and have some fun.

Although it's not a boat show there will be some boat show-ish elements. The public is welcome to come look at the boats. Participants can display their boats on their trailers, or in the water. There may be some displays or demonstrations on the docks, or in the Community Boathouses. Boats from the Boathouses' free livery will probably be available for messing about in Depot Slough. There will be free dry camping near the docks. Moorage is free all weekend and participants can sleep aboard their boats. Please send in the Boat Show registration form so we know how many boats will be coming. You can fill out the form on your computer, save it and email it as an attachment, or you can print it out and send it in by snail mail to the address on the form. Or just email the information.

Mostly the event will be about getting together, BSing and having fun. Plans for activities are still being worked out. Most of the activities will be outdoors; anything indoors will be handled responsibly, with mask use strongly recommended. We've tentatively planned a voyage to Newport on Friday, for lunch and a tour of the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center. We'll be able to dock somewhere in the commercial docks near the Museum. Please check back here, or on the Coots discussion group for updates.

Tide predictions at Toledo from WXTide32:

Topo maps of Yaquina Bay and River in KAP format for import into most nav programs.

Topo map images (PNG) and indexing info (XLS) to import them into nav programs.

Here is NOAA chart No. 18581 (PNG image) showing Yaquina Bay and the Yaquina River up to Toledo.

A NOAA weather forecast for the area.