We meet in the US Bank room, to the right just after you go in the front doors, in the Multnomah County Central Library 801 SW 10th Avenue in downtown Portland. The room will be opened for us at 10:00, and we can use it until 5:00. We usually go for lunch at a taqueria a block away.

Books can be requested from the closed stacks (storage and reference) ahead of time and the Library staff will have them ready for us in the US Bank room. You can search the Library catalog and send your requests to the messabout organizer, Lon Wells. Please don't request books in general circulation, you can find them yourself on the shelves.

The Library has bound volumes of several old boating magazines, and these have been popular at the Library messabouts. They include Pacific Motor-Boat, Motor Boat, The Rudder, MoToR BoatinG, and Yachtsman.

The Library has pay copy machines. Scanners and cameras are allowed.