There's a new moon Thursday. The ebb tide will be going like gangbusters pushing us downriver. High tide at Toledo is predicted to be about 2:15 in the afternoon. The high tide at the Elk City ramp should be about an hour later, so the plan is to leave the ramp at about 3:15. The 6 1/4 mile float down to the Cannon Quarry ramp should take less than three hours. After shuttling trailers and pulling boats and getting back to Toledo it will be time for pizza from Cobblestone Pizza. We'll eat it in a safe, socially distanced way under the pavilion near the walking path along the slough.

Tide predictions at Toledo from WXTide32:

Topo maps of Yaquina Bay and River in KAP format for import into most nav programs.

Topo map images (PNG) and indexing info (XLS) to import them into nav programs.

A NOAA weather forecast for the area.

Here are some Photos from previous Yaquina River Floats.