The same slip we used for last year’s boat show will be available to our Messabout group Friday through Sunday. There will be no charge to our members. The 2017 Wooden & Classic Boat Festival is picking up the tab, which includes parking and use of Marina services. Of course sleeping on your craft is fine.

Friday: Not knowing when folks are arriving, we are suggesting for those interested in big garage sales, that a bunch get together in a couple of vehicles and venture over to Puget Island. We can offer direction to the best caches from prior experience. As an example, Greg Prestegard always has quite the array of marine and maritime related “stuff” for sale, There are others.

Saturday: Michael Baccellieri, Welcome Slough Boatworks, has invited us to visit him at his shop. We are thinking Saturday morning. A couple of hours at most. Saturday afternoon, The tides are very favorable that weekend with flood tide from about Noon to 5-6 P.M. With prevailing afternoon NW winds this time of year, we can possibly go out on a sortie as a group Saturday afternoon cruising towards Skamokawa, and ride the increasing wind and wave action back to the Marina. We frequently go rowing in Doineann for just that reason. Those not wanting to be out a few hours can bail at the mouth of the adjacent slough that brings them directly back to the Marina. Another one is West Birnie slough directly across the Cathlamet Channel from the Marina. The down river end opens onto the main Columbia River. A return option. Fun stuff.

Sunday: We don’t have a specific activity but a cruise up the River under the Puget Island bridge and transitioning the Cathlamet Channel offers great scenery. Otherwise just a day to explore.

Food and Beverages: This is the area were we are needing direction. We do plan on having coffee, sweet something and orange juice available both Saturday morning and Sunday morning. The covered area is available. There is breakfast available locally at Maria’s and BJ’s for those wishing a more substantial fill-up. If we have a large group, we can give them a heads up. For lunches, we are on our own. There is BJ’s, Sharrons and Maria’s. Now for dinners. How about potlucks. The Marina is going to make two camp sites available to us on the river where we can have camp fires and enjoy the comaradrie. Folks need to bring chairs. We will make tables available for serving. Of course the Brewery is open Friday and Saturday 4 -8 P.M. for prior libations. An option is to go to the Brewery and order pizzas which Sharron’s will deliver to the Brewery. An idea for Friday evening if it is raining. Saturday evening could be a potluck or we all feel rich and go to the Duck Inn.

For more information on the Columbia River Summer Solstice Messabout contact Julius Dalzell.

(Content by Julius Dalzell)

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